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What is Podiatry/Chiropody

Our team treat a wide range of foot problems such as corns, calluses, in-growing toenails, verrucae's, fungal infections, ulcers, deformed nails and bio-mechanical problems. They all treat high risk patients such as diabetics, rheumatoid arthritic and immune suppressed patients. All practitioners hold certification for administering local anesthetic to carry out nail surgery, which is a permanent solution (95% of cases) for in-growing toenails.


How Chiropody Works

A routine appointment lasts around 30 minutes and consists of:
* Collection of medical history, including medication, cleansing and examining all aspects of the feet
* Hardened, misshapen and ingrowing toenails are treated immediately. (Nail surgery may be needed in some cases)
* Corns and calluses are reduced and filed and any rough areas and flaky skin are gently buffed away
* If you are a diabetic, a podiatric diabetic checkup will be carried out
* General footwear advice given if necessary
* General foot care advice given to improve a painful foot condition
* Normally, a cream will be applied to moisturise the skin and stimulate circulation.    

You may be required to return after a week or two for re-dressing or when fitting orthotics (moulded insoles). The Chiropodist will advise you of any course of action that can be given to improve the comfort and mobility of your feet.

Who Can It Help?

Anyone who has pain and/or discomfort of their feet. Diabetic, rheumatoid arthritic and immune suppressed patients who are at a higher risk and people who spend lots of time on their feet. Those suffering from fungal infections and other nail conditions and anyone whose feet have to endure stress. Sometimes even a foot massage or just advice on general foot-care and footwear, can prove a beneficial boost to the system. 

Our chiropodists/podiatrists are HCPC (health and care professions council) registered as well as being members of the society of chiropodists and podiatrists. The HCPC is the body regulated by the government since 2005 making this title protected. Our practitioners all have NHS experience and have been qualified for over fifteen years.

Your feet are an essential tool for everyday life and they cannot be replaced!

For appointments contact us 01932351120

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